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Tailor-made reports designed to give you relevant insights and boost your strategy.

Personalized consulting services to empower your team with customized solutions that offer a 360-degree view of your business.

Media intelligence to simplify your job.

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Hallon Print

Press coverage of 300 daily newspapers and more than 700 specialized magazines in Spain, plus more than 2,000 international print sources. Hallon Print offers high-quality monitoring delivering valuable news first thing in the morning.

Hallon Digital

We browse the web for you in real time, perusing more than 30,000 digital publications on sites and blogs in Spain, plus nearly 100,000 news sources around the world. We lead the market in online media monitoring.

Hallon TVR

Broadcasting media monitoring solutions tailored to your company´s needs: TVR Daily and TVR Premium offer a wide range of tools with real-time access to audiovisual content.

Hallon Social Media

We track, locate and analyze conversations, mentions and hashtags through social media platforms to offer you valuable insights about your brand: reach, activity across channels and publicity value.

Hallon Reports

Analyzing your company´s media impact is essential for accurate decision-making by a PR team. With the expertise of our analysts, we develop for you curated reports based on your company´s media monitoring results, offering a wide range of insights as well as qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Our analytic tools such as Reports Premium and PRO will help you improve your productivity by generating fully customized reports that are just a click away.

Hallon Consulting

Time is money. That is why we offer a wide variety of consulting solutions: from thorough selection of relevant news, translations and news briefs, reputation reports and qualitative and quantitative analytics.

Hallon Newsletters

A tailor-made newsletter with relevant and valuable news regarding your brand, delivered daily to your inbox at your preferred time.

Hallon Live News

Immediacy of news is the key to any PR team. With Hallon Live News, you´ll have access in real-time to television and radio clips through your WhatsApp. An exclusive service like no other in the European market.

Hallon Prime Time

We deliver a roundup of the front-pages and latest stories covered in the Spanish newspapers the night prior to publication. A report is sent to your phone through WhatsApp to help your team prepare for tomorrow´s agenda.

Hallon News Brief

A global vision of the latest news in the press brought to you by our journalists, with a daily update in economic, political, business, financial, and international affairs. Delivered to your inbox, every morning.

Innovative Tools

Enhance your experience with tools powered by artificial intelligence: URL Tracking, Media Tiers, Grouping, Sentiment, APP Hallon and WhatsApp alerts.