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General conditions of our service_

  1. Media tracking is based on the recognition of preconfigured keywords in searchable text. Therefore, it will not be possible to locate results in images, infographics or multimedia elements; nor will it be possible to location mentions where the content does not have perfectly matching textual terms (with regard to the keywords). The only content suitable for the location of keywords will therefore be textual (newspapers, digital and social networks) or voice (radio and television). For monitoring service outside these source types, prior consultation with our commercial department will be necessary.
  2. The media tracking service does not include the monitoring of advertisements. However, Hallon can obtain and deliver specific anticipated advertisements requested by the customer in advance, or in some cases after they have been published
  3. Hallon is not responsible for monitoring media not listed on the Hallon list of sources. Hallon will provide an updated list of all monitored media when requested by the customer.
  4. Unless the client requests otherwise, monitoring will be limited to Spanish media. International monitoring, regardless of the sources, will have rates and conditions that differ from those specified in the initial budget proposal.
  5. Once the search terms and keywords have been configured, they will be made available to the client for validation. From this moment on, any modification or introduction of new keywords will be subject to the conditions of the contract.
  6. The efficiency of the searches will depend on the accuracy of the configured descriptors. Sometimes, depending on the nature of each keyword, the search may deliver irrelevant results. Regardless of the actions of Hallon’s documenation team, in some cases it will be necessary to hire a consultant to improve the filtering of results.
  7. The press review can be sent to a maximum of 5 email addresses. If the client requests access for more email addresses, without prejudice to the legal limits imposed by CEDRO, Hallon will apply additional charges.
  8. Hallon guarantees the daily and timely delivery of email alerts. However, depending on the security settings of the client, we cannot guarantee that they always reach the recipient. Therefore, we recommended the inclusion of the following Hallon domains in the client´s white list and the elimination of any other blockage that prevents reception of alerts: envios.eprensa.com ( and envios.hallon.es (
  9. The tracking service allows you to choose between different formats for email delivery of news. The client may choose between different models for its newsletters; any customization or change not standardized in these models will be budgeted separately.
  10. From our platform you can generate reasonably-sized PDF dossiers (up to 500 news items). Above this level, due to client computer memory limitations, network issues, or other problems, Hallon cannot guarantee that such a large dossier will be generated correctly.
  11. Hallon is committed to storing your news on the platform for a maximum of 1 year. This implies that any news hosted on eprensa.com or hallon.es more than 13 months old will be inaccessible unless extended storage has been agreed upon.
  12. The cancellation of the service is governed by the terms defined according to the contract signed between both parties. By default, the minimum notice period prior to service cancellation is 15 days.
  13. All links that point to a news result hosted on Hallon will be protected by a username and password. This implies, without prejudice to what is indicated in the Intellectual Property Law, that those links may only be distributed to users with an active account in Hallon.
  14. In accordance with the consolidated text of the Intellectual Property Law in its article 32.1, derived from the use of press reviews, Hallon has authorization from CEDRO under which:
    1. Hallon has paid and will continue to pay the royalty for the distribution to its customers of the first copy of each news item.
    2. Once Hallon has submitted the press reviews, it will disassociate itself from its customers’ use of the news and will not be held responsible for their unlicensed forwarding or sharing.
    3. The payment that the client makes to Hallon as LPI does not authorize the customer to share news, upload it to an Intranet site or publish it on social networks.
    4. It is mandatory that the client has the corresponding license issued by the copyright holder for such usage.
  15. In compliance with data protection regulations, Hallon already complies with the current GDPR Law and wishes to inform the general public about the nature, scope and purpose of personal data collected, used and processed. To learn about our privacy protection policies, click on the following link: https://www.hallon.es/terminos-legales-2/
  16. When contracting Hallon’s services, express consent is required as stated in our data protection policies.
  17. The service rate will be updated annually according to the CPI of the previous year.
  18. Failure of the client to pay for the Services will entitle Hallon to terminate the service, after notifying the Client about the default, provided that it persists for a period of fifteen (15) days from the date of notification. The service will be restored once the delayed payments have been received.
  1. From Monday to Friday, the news from the national and economic newspapers will be delivered before 7:00 a.m.; regional newspapers before 9:00 a.m. During weekends and holidays, national news will be delivered before 9:00 a.m. and local news before 11:00 a.m. However, compliance with these schedules depends on the timely delivery of the newspapers by the editors, which means that delays could occur due to supply disruptions.
  2. Weekly, biweekly or monthly magazines will be made available to the customer on the same day or, at the latest, the next business day after Hallon has received the content.
  3. In the event that a magazine is sold only in newsstands, Hallon will obtain it the same day of its publication. In the case of sector magazines for which a subscription is necessary, receipt by Hallon will depend on the channel through which the provider delivers the content.
  4. 96% of print media processed by Hallon is in original PDF format (vectorial). The other remaining 4% is made up of scanned media, with slightly lower quality and larger file size.
  1. Hallon can only access content published openly. That is, it will not search in media, or in sections thereof, that require a subscription; regardless of whether it is free or not. There are some exceptions that will be discussed with the requesting client
  2. Digital tracking may occasionally contain duplicate or old news. Hallon’s search system captures all the new news published by our media sources. This implies that all published versions of the same news article will be collected, as well as old articles that have been republished by an online source.
  3. Hallon cannot guarantee that all digital news will be successfully converted to PDF. The successful exportation of online news is limited by the format and technologies used by the target digital medium and its compatibility with PDF documents. To minimize the impact of these conversion errors, Hallon makes several alternative repair tools available on its platform.
  4. The advertising evaluations of online media are based on a study carried out by Hallon in which, audience data, relevance of the medium, and other variables are taken into account. The reliability of these ratings largely depends on the availability of official audience data for the sources.
  1. For the correct configuration of the search engine, it is essential that the client provides all the forms in which the keywords could appear in social networks (hashtags, nicknames, username, accounts, etc.).
  2. The social networks monitored by Hallon are the following:
    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook
    3. Youtube
    4. Instagram, Hashtag Tracking
  3. Due to legal and technological restrictions, Hallon performs searches only in social network content that is public. In this sense, the content of Twitter is tracked almost entirely. In contrast, on Facebook, only public profiles are visible and searchable.
  4. . Social media monitoring consists of a “listening” service and does not include advanced KPIs such as influencers, virality, etc. The following metrics are provided in social network analysis:
    1. Number of impacts/posts generated
    2. Reach/potential audience
    3. Advertising Value
    4. Number of views
  5. Social networks can be filtered by language, since filtering by country in the platform APIs does not provide sufficient precision to guarantee complete results.
  6. Social media tracking fees will be set based on various factors:
    1. Number of keywords. The basic rate includes up to 2 keyword within the same theme. Once that number of keywords or themes is exceeded, the price will vary based on expressly established sections.
    2. Number of impacts per month. The basic rate includes up to 3,500 mentions per month. If this number of results is exceeded, the client may choose to opt for a greater number of impacts at a higher billable rate.
  7. Hallon performs retrospective searches on social networks, if such searches are supported and possible on the social media platform.
  1. Searches in audiovisual content are made through a voice recognition system (speech to text), with an accuracy of 95%.
  2. Located content published on weekends or holidays will be delivered to the client the next business day.
  3. The delivery time of the audiovisual clips may vary depending on the complexity of the search and the number of results located. In general, the audiovisual clips will be delivered according to the following schedule:
    1. Within to 4 hours if the clip is requested Monday to Friday before 2:00 p.m.
    2. The next day before 12:00 p.m. if the clip is requested after 2:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday.
    3. The next business day before 12:00 p.m. if the clip is requested during the weekend, on a holiday, or on Friday after 2:00 p.m.
  4. The sources included in the monitoring service appear in the attached list. The clips belonging to sources outside that list must be expressly requested by the client, taking into account the following conditions:
    1. the client must specify the source, date and time (or program) where the information has been broadcast.
    2. Hallon cannot guarantee the availability of clips outside our monitoring schedule. Hallon will only be able to locate and deliver “off schedule” clips from sources that archive content on the Internet.
    3. Off schedule media clips may not be delivered for at least 24 hours after requested.
    4. Hallon cannot guarantee the advertising value or audience counts of the clips requested outside the monitoring schedule. The location of this information will depend on the availability of this data in an official source.
    5. The price charged for each off-grid clip will be correspond to the chosen rate plus the corresponding rate for each viewing hour. The viewing time will be charged to the client regardless of whether or not the clip is located.
  5. When the end user contact includes «sending of alerts and clips upon request», the content of the email alert will be as follows:
    1. Headline or brief description of the news
    2. Program where the clip was broadcast
    3. Media where the content was broadcast
    4. Broadcasting date.
    5. The alert will NOT contain the valuation of the clip. The valuation will be offered ONLY when the clip in question has been requested. In that case, the clip will be invoiced.
  6. When the end user contract includes «sending of alerts and clips upon request», only those clips expressly requested by the client will be sent. The price of this service will reflect the fixed cost of the alert system plus a variable cost depending on the number of clips requested.
  7. Retroactive searches in media within the monitoring schedule will be limited to one month from the date of request. Delivery times may vary depending on the complexity of the search or the amount of hits that appear in the search.
  8. When requested by the client, Hallon will provide examples of the audiovisual content delivered by the monitoring service. Radio will be offered in mp3 format and television in mp4 format. The characteristics of these supports are described below:
    1. Radio: 160bit/22KHz per channel
    2. Television: size: 720x576px // speed: 25 frames/sec