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We are a tech company specialized in media intelligence. Currently based in Spain, Colombia and the US, we have an exceptional team of experts at your service. We launched our business in Spain with digital news much before Google News did. Since then, technology and innovation have marked our path to analyze millions of data points in newspapers and digital media, TV, radio and social media. We continue to offer efficient and innovative media monitoring solutions that help our clients make faster, smarter decisions, giving them insights that provide a complete overview of brand, company, industry and consumers.

Our custom media intelligence solutions are focused on you, your brand, your team and your customers.

Discover the most relevant insights and turn them into real opportunities for your clients, with constant support from our data analysis experts. Our tailor-made reports to strengthen your strategy and enhance your planning.

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Hundreds of customers from all sectors trust Hallon Intelligence. We have accumulated pleasant experiences collaborating with communication and marketing professionals, either as direct clients or through their communications and public relations agencies. Here are some of the clients who endorse our work:

Our client´s opinions_

Alfonso Acebal CEO Funcorp Consulting

“After working with other suppliers, we decided to work with Hallon and let me say we made were not wrong. Its technological platform and, above all, its service, attention and quick response, makes Hallon the perfect partner for any communications agency.”

Raúl Torres, Account Supervisor Ketchum Pleon Spain

“I have been working with Hallon since 2009. They deliver news monitoring and analysis of companies and business organizations from diverse economic sectors. Always with great rigor and precision. The punctuality of alerts delivered and the flexibility to include new keywords are other positive characteristics that make it, without a doubt, the best monitoring company in Spain. It is also a pioneer in monitoring digital media, with a complete list of both online and written newspapers, which facilitates the evaluation and quantitative analysis of communication results.”

José Manuel Tourné Director General de la FAP (Federación para la Protección de la Propiedad Intelectual)

“We have used Hallon’s services for the last 3 years and we are fully satisfied with the results. The list of guide words was intelligently created thanks to your advice; the search results are very complete. We must highlight the punctuality with which they are sent to our email every morning, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The afternoon “wave” is very useful, especially in digital news. We do not know of any other clipping service that can improve on Hallon «with the most competitive prices on the market»

Fernando Yraola. Dircom General Council of Colleges of Economists

“Regarding Hallon’s team, their work is impeccable, I highlight the immediacy and their willingness to resolve incidents. Always working to solve issues rapidly.

Abigail Diaz-Agero y de Pineda, Partner-Director and Co-founder of COMCO

“For over 6 years, Hallon provides us with a media monitoring service. Print news clipping is delivered in an original PDF, digital media coverage is valuable insights. Hallon pioneers web conversion to PDF. With their 365-day customer service, we can always count on them when needed. They also have the most competitive prices on the market!”

Chus Soto de RG Together

About Hallon News Brief: «We also thank you for the timeliness in which you send it to us, because it has been useful to know the latest news every day.»

Paola Grant de Estudio 39

About Hallon News Brief: “The newsletter has always been received correctly. We have found that it is very well organized by topic, and gives you a fairly exhaustive idea of the daily news scene, especially national news.”

Paula de Cubas from TINKLE Valencia

«My evaluation of Hallon News Brief ´s service has been very positive for me, at a glance I have had access to all the news: organized by topics, news and opinion articles, access to paper version content…. I especially liked the analytics behind it displayed in an editorial format. I want to say this is not a random compilation of news, but a relevant selection with an analysis process behind it.»