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Intellectual Property Rights

In relation to the management of intellectual property rights derived from the preparation and use of press magazines, Hallon, like the rest of the companies that provide press clipping services in accordance with current legislation, has the corresponding authorization of CEDRO by virtue of which: Hallon pays and will continue to pay, the “first copy fee” that covers the right to carry out press reviews.

Once Hallon sends the press reviews to its clients, the internal use of the press reviews must be managed directly with CEDRO who, on behalf of the press publishers, grants the corresponding licenses.


CEDRO’s mission is to represent and defend the legitimate interests of authors and publishers of books and newspapers, facilitating and promoting the legal use of their works. It currently has more than 22,000 associates and represents associates from 36 similar entities from other countries, in Spain.

More information in this regard can be requested from CEDRO by phone at 91 308 63 30 and by email at licenses@cedro.org